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Taylor Murphy Design Studio is based in Austin, Texas. My studio offers full service commercial and residential design. Having experience in both these sectors, I have found that the spaces in which we play and live often inform each other and as such, should be a reflection of how we want to live our lives. Whether following a dream of opening your own business or simply creating an oasis in your private space, it is my goal to help you create your ideal environment.

I graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with a Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art. My primary focus as a student was in installation sculpture and photography. I have a deep love for the expression of self through creation and fine art. Interior spaces have always been important in my work as an artist and in my daily life.

Within a given environment, both an appreciation of art and community collaboration is paramount when designing interior spaces. I enjoy creating a connection with clients through listening to their experiences, breathing life into their visions and applying unique interests to the design process. I believe good design serves to integrate daily living and personal stories with our passions and interests to create authentic, usable space that reflects the client.

My sensibility is a personal, felt response to the unique environment with which I come in contact. Color, form, and composition are integral when I look at a new space. I love the contrast between contemporary and historical design; each with their own stories to be told. With a background in fine arts, the connection I make to ordinary objects and the story they may tell is unique from that of other designers. I believe in the importance of using function to inform sculpture in addition to using texture, color, and print to inform furniture layout and utilitarian design.

Design Services

- full service residential interior design

- full service commercial interior design

- e-design

- styling

- art consulting

To learn more about my process, design rates, and design services please e-mail taylor@taylorwmurphy.com

Photo: Kate Zimmerman